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Complaints & Feedback

At Living Care Pharmacy, your feedback is important to us. We think it’s important that our users feel both supported by and satisfied with our service. If you have had a negative experience with any aspect of Living Care Pharmacy – including our pharmacy, shop, delivery or returns services – then we’d like to hear from you in order to effectively resolve the issue at hand. The Living Care Pharmacy complaints procedure has been designed with our users in mind to ensure that all complaints are handled:

All complaints are approached from a neutral perspective, without prejudice or discrimination
There’s no time like the present, and we want to ensure a speedy resolution for you
Every complaint will be investigated with rigour and in-depth analysis to ensure a truthful outcome
Our team are trained in handling complaints in a professional and friendly manner, without damaging our ongoing relationship
How to Submit a Complaint

Our Feedback Form

Simply fill in the form in the Contacts page, including your contact details, an overview of the complaint and what aspect of Living Care Pharmacy the complaint is in relation to, and we will be able to receive your feedback immediately. A member of our team will be in touch to assist you in finding a resolution for your issue and will keep you up to speed on the investigation periodically. If you would prefer to write to us, please find the relevant details below.

Finding a Resolution

Living Care Pharmacy will work alongside you to reach an outcome that is satisfying for both parties and will contact you directly to discuss the resolution and what it means. If you’re happy with this resolution, Living Care Pharmacy will use your feedback to further develop our service.

Not Satisfied with the Resolution?

Our appeals process ensures that all complainants have the chance to request a further review of a complaint if they find that they are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation. Should we be unable to reach a satisfying conclusion after your appeal, you will be able to contact the independent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman or NHS England. Find out more about the NHS complaints procedure here.

Things to Remember:

Living Care Pharmacy's complaints procedure has been created in accordance with the 2013 updates to clinical governance frameworks, and as such there are a few key points to remember when making a complaint:

- Living Care Pharmacy must acknowledge your complaint no later than 3 working days

- Living Care Pharmacy has a duty to respond to your complaint within 6 months

- Your complaint must be made within 12 months of the incident in question

- If you have orally made a complaint and it was settled to your satisfaction, we are unable to process that same complaint a second time in writing, unless it refers to a separate incident

Send Us Your Feedback

Our secure messaging service will allow you to send your complaint to Living Care Pharmacy's complaints management team directly – simply fill in the form below to register your complaint. You will receive an alert from our complaints management team once your message has been received.

Write to Us

If you would prefer to make a written complaint to Living Care Pharmacy, you can do so using the following postal address:

Management Team
Living Care Pharmacy
Unit 2, Haywra Crescent
Living Care

Calling Us

Living Care Pharmacy does not accept serious complaints over the phone as NHS compliance guidelines means that complainants do not have the same rights compared to if an issue is dealt with in writing. If you would like some advice on how to approach your complaint, simply get in touch with us directly at: 0113 243 4441

If you have any more questions about the complaints process, please contact us directly.

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